is a website offering information about short-term motor insurance. These are policies that will insure drivers who will be using a vehicle for a small periods of time, which is useful if someone is borrowing a car from a friend, for example.

The site mainly focuses on offering information about the insurance in question. The front page consists of an overview of how short-term insurance works, with a sidebar linking to pages that offer more detailed information. The information is presented in a clear, straightforward manner without any jargon.

The purpose of the site, from the site owner's point of view, would appear to be to create an SEO-optimised site which links to a 3rd party quote engine. This would mean that "success" for the site owner would be that people find the site in a Google search for a keyword such as "car insurance" or "short-term insurance", clicks through to, and then responds to the Call To Action (i.e. clicks on the "Get Quote Now" button).

If so, there are a number of ways in which the site could be improved. From the user's point of view there are two problems: the design looks cheap and the text is badly arranged.

Speaking as a user, I personally have to say that I personally don't feel a real sense of trust when presented with the opening graphic. It looks homemade and "homemade" is not the ideal adjective to have associated with something like insurance. It undermines the kind of trust a user needs to feel in order to hand over money and personal information. Replacing it with a stock photo or even a professional logo would be preferable.

The text is informative and well-written, but the organisation makes it look very dull. Again, as a user I did not enjoy scrolling through it and would have preferred bullet points, an FAQ, or some kind of engaging visual arrangement.

From an SEO point of view, the text seems under-optimised, with two instances of "car insurance" and one each of "short term insurance" and "short-term insurance". Keyword density could be increased and it would actually improve the clarity of the text.

Also the CTA isn't as obvious as it should be. The pink button at the top seems like part of a logo rather than an actual button, while the text at the end doesn't stand out.